Frequently asked questions

How long have you been photographing newborns?

6 years!

When is the best time to schedule a newborn session?

While you are still pregnant, preferably before your 3rd trimester.  I take a limited amount of sessions per month and I like to photograph newborns before 2 weeks old if possible, because that is when they are in the sleepy and “pose-able” stage. Scheduling before baby is born will help to insure that I am able to get you in during that 2 week window.   IF you have already had your baby, please still contact me as often times I will still be able to accommodate you.  I will photograph babies older that 2 weeks and have actually had good luck with posing up until 3 weeks old.

Where will the session take place?

At my studio located in Walpole, MA.  I do not travel for newborn sessions.  I have an extensive collection of props and accessories as well as my lighting equipment and have everything I need here to make sure your session runs as smoothly as possible.

How long will the session last?

2-3 hours.  I always block out a 3 hour chunk of time for a newborn session.  Often times we finish early but not always.  Babies can be unpredictable and this allows plenty of time for feedings, soothing, etc. if needed.  The type of newborn photography I do requires a lot of patience and each pose can take a little while to get just right while keeping baby’s comfort and safety as the number one priority.   That being said, if you follow the pre-session instructions and come in with a nice sleepy baby with a full belly we will move right along!

How do I book a session if I don’t know when baby will actually arrive?

Email me with your due date and we will pencil in a tentative date in the calendar around a week after your due date.  Then keep me updated and email me as soon as baby arrives and we will change our session date if baby arrives too early or late to keep the original date.

Can older siblings and parents be in a few of the photos?

Absolutely!  I always encourage that mom and dad be in a couple photos with their new baby!   Siblings are welcome to come for the first or last 30 minutes of the session if you would like some images of them with baby.  It is best to have someone who can bring older siblings just for their portion of the session and then take them home.  Especially for toddlers and young children as it is a long time for them to be expected to sit and wait for the rest of the session to be over.

Do you provide hats/ headbands/ props/ etc.?

Yes, I have a huge collection!!!  You don’t need to bring anything with you for use in the photos, unless you have one special or heirloom item that you would like included.



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